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The GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is usually good in big cities
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The vehicle on which the GPS system is installed will be detected with a precision between 2m and 10 m, depending on the precision of the maps (which may vary from one city to another), and according to the area in which the device is located.
The GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is usually good in big cities, but there are still some problems regarding its existence/ quality when it comes to the rest of the territory. In this former case, the GPS equipment memorizes routes and downloads all positions stored as soon as the GSM signal is back. This way, routes and vehicle locations are not lost.
Our GPS system offers protection functions: In case the device is disconnected, the reconnection event is recorded/sent. In case there is no GPS signal for more that 20 seconds, the equipment memorizes the event and - until - the signal is reestablished, distinctively displays the last valid position. The loss of the GPS signal can occur due to a variety reasons: entering into a garage or a covered area, the inexistence of the signal or its weakness because of at least 3 satellites (this being a rare case) or the intervention on the GPS equipment/ antenna. In case the GPS antenna is taken out/ cut /broken, the event is recorded and sent.

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